Thursday, October 27, 2011

Installing Citrix Receiver 12 under Debian Squeeze x64

Finally! Citrix makes a deb package for x64 OS's... But of course it doesn't work out of the chute. Here's what I had to go through to get it to work...

1. Download the package from here..
2. Run sudo dpkg -i icaclient_12.0.0_amd64.deb
3. Make a temp directory and run:
4. Run sudo apt-get -f install. THis will fix errors.
5. Do NOT install this package, just extract the contents by running:
sudo dpkg -x libmotif3_2.2.3-2_i386.deb .
6. Copy the contents of ./usr/lib to /usr/lib32 by running:
sudo cp -r ./usr/lib/* /usr/lib32
7. Create a symbolic link between and by running:
sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/ /usr/lib32/

That should do it. Note that citrix get installed to /opt/Citrix... Also remember that if a certificate is required for the site to copy the X.509 cert into the keystore at /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts

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